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Goldfinch Major - Carduelis

Goldfinch Major - Carduelis

In the Goldfinch Major sexual dimorphism is present even if not in all cases and easily recognizable. In the male the red mask goes beyond the eye, while in the female it hardly exceeds half the eye. Another distinguishable sign is the much more accentuated and shiny black of the wing cover feathers of the male compared to those of the female, which have a more intense brown color. The feathers above the nostrils in the male are black while in the female more whitish.

Habitat: this species can be found in different types of habitats, even very different from each other because it is a very adaptable animal. The Mediterranean maquis reflects the habitat it prefers, however it is found throughout Europe, part of Asia and North Africa.

Nutrition: surely the seed you prefer is the thistle from which it derives its name, its diet is composed of various types of common seeds, ripe and immature. In addition, it can be nourished with chicory, dandelion and sunflower, which is also a real delicacy for them. To create the right mix suitable for the breeding of the Goldfinches Major it is necessary to take into account the environment in which they reside, in rocket or aviary, in an external or internal environment. Another advice is to always think of providing them with as much grass as possible, such as the "bella at night" or wild chicory so that during the day they can feed naturally, having fun on these plants. Many problems of the Goldfinch Major derive precisely from their psychological health, raising bare and sad cages does not help.

The Goldfinch Major is one of the species present with different pairs and mutations in our breeding managed by Alex Valentini RA24 - Hobby Nature Ornithology
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