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The Valentini brothers’ breeding of birds in Riccione includes diverse ornithological species: ranging from the breeding of Fringillidae to canaries and exotic birds.

The first objective that Alex and Ivan have set themselves is to ensure the welfare of the birds by making certain that the cages are of adequate size and that the diet is healthy and proper.
At Hobby Natura Ornitologia, the birds are raised with great love and care; people who are interested in buying them are welcomed into a calm environment, without allowing any risk of stressing the animals.

Alex Valentini (R.N.A.: RA24) offers carefully chosen couples of birds including major goldfinches, siskins, AGI (Arricciato Gigante Italiano: enriched Italian giant), gibbers, gibbosos, bullfinches, and different mutations of high quality specimens, who have won awards at national and international shows.
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SHOPVia Losanna, 40 Miramare
Tel. +39 0541 648753
WhatsApp +39 351 5363457
AVIARYStreet Cagnina, 1 Riccione (RN)
Tel. +39 335/5873373