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UNICA Seeds - Quality Italian Pastoncini and Supplements for birds

UNICA Seeds - Quality Italian Pastoncini and Supplements for birds

Hobby Natura Ornithology UNICA Seeds official feed dealer

Unica Mangimi is a small Italian company that produces high quality bird food and pigmentants. The experience of breeders, and in various aviaries with breeding of different species of birds, now allows him to create products that are nothing short of excellent. Unica is not just a feed, but a tool whose versatility means that it can be the basic ingredient in the diet of all granivorous birds (so much so that it can largely replace dry seeds). The high palatability that characterizes the products allows them to be used daily even as a semi-soft pastoncino, in aid of a good mixture of seeds.

We at Hobby Natura Ornitologia are friends and collaborators of this splendid Italian reality, and we would like to strongly recommend UNICA products. The welfare of the birds is guaranteed by the use of “GMO-free” cereals and legumes, no hydrogenated fats and animal fats, only oils of the Mediterranean tradition. Rice from Vercelli, durum wheat from Altamura, Romagna fruit, Urbino honey and many other wonders from the Italian territory.

UNICA is a very successful product, used by champion breeders in international competitions, to underline the range of both yellow and red pigmentants, composed of xanthophylls and natural carotenoids, a mixture of cold powdered flower petals specific for the difficult and delicate pigmentation lipochromes of goldfinches.

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