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Sale and availability of birds 2023 in our aviary in Riccione (RN)

Sale and availability of birds 2023 in our aviary in Riccione (RN)

Every day and on Sundays 9-12: 30

List of available birds 2023:

  • Goldfinches Major (ancestral and different mutations) from the best breeders in Europe.
  • Alario Alario
  • Damara andir
  • Red Cardinal
  • Satin bullfinches
  • Ancestral Bullfinches, Pastel, Pastel Brown, Pastel Brown Yellow
  • Canaries from Mozambique
  • Sulfur Canaries
  • Pine bullfinches
  • Crimson finch - tanger
  • Opal Finch, Agate Opal
  • Black Head Siskins Silica
  • Albino Blackheaded Siskins
  • Siskins Ivory, Brown, Pastel Brown, Brown/Phaeo, Phaeo
  • Arctic accordion (Hornemanni)
  • Cabaret accordions Bruni, Bruni Cobalto
  • Pastel Cabaret Organs, Brown Pastel, Cobalt Pastel, Cobalt
  • Perlato Cabaret Organs, Bruno Perlato
  • Ancestral Cabaret Organs
  • Boliva Negrito
  • Pallas
  • Sanguine
  • Greenfinch from Vietnam
  • Maltese greenfinches
  • Bruni China Greenfinches
  • Vedoni Agata Citron, Intenso
  • Verdoni Patello, Bruno Giallo, Satinè Giallo
  • more arriving in the next few weeks...

We invite you to contact us for the availability of the birds and come and visit us at the aviary in Riccione, by calling, even on Sunday mornings (9-12.30). You will find specimens from our breeding and the best aviaries in Europe, you won't regret it! ;-) Info: +393355873373 (Alex)

Sale in our aviary or in the main trade fairs in the Hobby Natura Ornitologia Stand .

Goldfinches Major Mario Vetere

Check out some videos of the birds on our youtube channel

Contact us for information and pre-purchase of birds: +393355873373 (Alex)

Furthermore, on this occasion you will be able to purchase the best products for your breeding: Easyyem, Blattner, Nekton, Dr.Couttel, Germix, Chemi-Vit, Unica, Sisal, 2GR, STA, Domuns Molinari and much more on our website.

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