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Germix - Germinated Seeds for Birds

Germix - Germinated Seeds for Birds

Hobby Natura Ornithology official dealer

Germix is a small Italian company founded by Nello Formisano who has patented an innovative technology for the germination and rapid drying of seeds. Germix eliminates all the problems related to the home preparation of germinated seeds, but preserves the nutritional properties of fresh germinated seeds unaltered. Germix has a very high nutritional power and is easily digestible as the carbohydrates are in a readily assimilable form; facilitates the feeding of chicks and anticipates their fledging by providing them with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Hobby Natura Ornitologia uses it in its own breeding of Alex Valentini RA24 , and is an official dealer with online sales in Italy and all over the world.

Germix® technology has finally materialized in a modern industrial production plant which, with extremely high quality standards, will be able to satisfy the growing demand for the product.

The plant has a computerized control system for modulating the germination and drying of the sprouts. The air flow that reaches the sprouts is filtered through two high efficiency filters which allow to eliminate any particulate and / or pollutant. The circulating air is constantly monitored through a continuous control of humidity and temperature. Furthermore, the circulating air is ozonated in order to avoid any fungal and bacterial contamination.

The production chambers are sterilized and sanitized at each production process. all production batches are analyzed and certified for microbiological quality.

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