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Coccidiosis, Atoxoplasmosis and Megbacteria - article by Dr. Coutteel

Coccidiosis, Atoxoplasmosis and Megbacteria - article by Dr. Coutteel

The main problems in bird breeding

The main problem in the breeding of European canaries and birds is currently the presence of diseases such as coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis. Secondly, there are often viral or fungal infections, such as blackhead caused by circoviruses and "megabacteria". To effectively tackle these infections, Dr. Coutteel in collaboration with Pantex Holland, produced the GROG NEW food supplement. This product is a premix and offers good protection as long as it is mixed daily with the food during breeding. It is used for both the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis and provides suppression of common bacterial infections in young people as they grow up.

For years we have been looking for a way to fight that damn "mega bacterium". It now turns out to be a fungus that is present in massively high quantities in the bird's glandular stomach and thus changes the acidity so that the food can no longer acidify and digest properly. We therefore find undigested seeds in manure and deteriorating birds in terms of conditions. Initially, we started the battle by adding all kinds of acids to drinking water (medicinal hydrochloric acid, citric acid, apple cider vinegar, ...). They were all means of creating an unfavorable environment in the first part of the digestive system.

Now it seems that F10®SC can also be used by adding it to drinking water. At low concentration (0.5 - 1 ml per liter of drinking water) it has a disinfecting effect. A little similar to the chlorine that is now being added to our tap water, but more efficient in terms of fighting bacteria, fungi and viruses.

In recent years, English budgie breeders have been very successful in England with this drinking water therapy. Many of these parakeets languished from the French moult and were infested with mega bacteria. Through the supply of F10®SC in drinking water, these problems have been largely solved and manageable over time. Birds have improved conditionally.

We have also accumulated extensive experience in breeding type canaries. Now we can say that the effect on fertilization and breeding in general has only taken a positive turn because the birds are healthier. It is best to combine the use of F10®SC with other vitamins such as VITAMINS KADRIE and HEPATO-CHOL , but not in the drinking water itself. An interesting program could be: add 0.5ml per liter of drinking water on weekdays and on weekends one day of Vitamin KADRIE and one day of Hepato-Chol, for a minimum of 1 month.

In addition, no coccidiosis and less atoxoplasmosis were found in the studies.
We believe that F10®SC also helps, or at least prevents, the appearance of blackheads. The black spot is also caused by a virus and F10®SC fights viruses, at least externally. The fact is that the use of F10®SC improves the condition of birds, making them more resistant to bacteria, fungi and viruses, including black spot.

F10®SC is certainly not a drug that would weaken the resistance of birds to its constant supply. Finally, chlorine is also added to our drinking water and we also swim in the chlorinated water in swimming pools. Using F10®SC can become part of daily bird care such as food and drink.
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