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Herbs liver tea for birds

Herbs liver tea for birds

Herbs liver tea is a special natural herbal tea made from plants, flowers and carrots. Especially for the support and liver cleansing effect of birds.

  • Liver detox
  • Prevents fatty degeneration of the liver (enlarged liver)
  • Against liver damage
  • Against liver problems

A healthy liver is a prerequisite for healthy, productive birds.


Milk thistle herb and seeds: the antioxidant properties of milk thistle ensure perfect detoxification of the liver, and even "repair" the damaged liver tissue, thanks to the substance silymarin. It can also reduce inflammation. It also strengthens the bird's immune system.

Dandelion Root: Dandelion root can protect the liver due to its powerful effect as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Improves liver function and especially prevents fatty liver (enlarged liver).

Licorice: Contains a powerful treatment for liver disease due to its compound (glycyrrhizin). Licorice stimulates the production of interferons, which protects the liver from many toxins.

Artichoke: The antioxidants in this herb help protect liver cells and also support liver tissue renewal.

Turmeric: This yellow root stimulates enzymes that help the liver detoxify. It is also very useful against fatty liver.

Stinking gorse: It is perhaps one of the best herbs for the liver. It is an effective liver cleanser and helps the liver detoxify.

Chicory Root: It is a real liver tonic. Detoxifies the liver by increasing the production of bile.

Curly Sorrel Root: This is a powerful herb for detoxifying the liver.

Astralagus: Helps repair liver damage, but also prevents further liver damage. It also helps the intestines remove toxins efficiently. It greatly relieves the workload of the liver.

Mahogany root: contains various active substances such as alkaloids, berberine, oxycanthine. It also contains tannins, resin and fats. Alkaloids, for example, have a proven antibacterial effect on bacteria such as E.coli. The substance berberine fights molds etc. For the liver, it is a real detoxifier for the liver to work better.

Burdock Root: Burdock contains many vitamins and many types of amino acids. Burdock has an antifungal and bacterial effect. Bile is produced by the liver. Bile substances serve to better digest fats. The bile and the liver therefore work in close cooperation. Greater burdock has a biliary effect. Stimulates the liver to produce bile. In addition, the substance phenolic acid protects the liver. Greatly improves liver function. Burdock root is also very beneficial in case of inflammation of the liver or an enlarged liver.

Mint: This tasty leaf helps detoxify the liver. It's also good for digestion.

Artemisia: works very well against parasites (worms). The tannin and bitter substances of artemisia are good for the function of the spleen. Detoxifies the liver and ensures optimal and healthy functioning of the liver.

Rosehip flowers: Rosehip flowers contain a lot of vitamin C, flavonoids and tannins. It helps tremendously in detoxifying the liver.

Donkey Ear: These leaves help tremendously as a liver detoxifier.

Chimaphila: Makes the liver process waste products properly. It is a good liver detoxifier.

Common Brunel: Helps against liver problems. Detoxifies the liver and provides a boost for a weakened liver.

Calendula: This flower contains many active substances for many purposes. In this tea blend we use it for the liver, because the calendula leaves help cleanse the liver.

Nettle: it is a strong anti-inflammatory and ensures a good immune system. Nettle has a protective effect on the liver.

Usage: add hot water (80 degrees) to the herbal mixture and leave it to soak and cool well. Serve it now as drinking water to the birds.

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