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Unica Mangimi

UNICA 0/8 -BIOSTARTER-aminoproteic gel

UNICA 0/8 -BIOSTARTER-aminoproteic gel

BIOSTARTER is an amino protein gel from Unica Mangimi for the little ones, the first 8 days of life are more than fundamental in the formation of a new ornithic life, the nests that are blind and naked at birth, become finished and autonomous subjects in a few weeks.
The metabolism in this phase is very fast, in the very first days of life it can double in weight in a few hours. However, this is only possible if everything works in the smallest details, in addition to nutrients there are also other important aspects, not least the formation of the perfect colonization of the intestinal tract by microorganisms responsible for the quality of the health of the subject. In nature, the above is triggered by a sort of biostarter secreted by special glands in the mother's goiter and by microorganisms present in the father's saliva (just note the goiter of a baby after the very first bites, it contains a semi-transparent fluid).
Unfortunately in captivity the imbalances in the organism of adults are different and in the species not yet domestic not even the adults still have the enzymatic kit necessary to deal with the pathogens typical of the captive environment (80% of the immune system resides in the intestine) .
An extreme example is given by the ability of scavenger birds (vultures) to feed on rotten meat of animals that have often died of diseases and viruses, a lethal meal for all other animals. This is possible thanks to the set of microorganisms responsible for digestion. This is to convey the importance of a perfect intestinal bio-colonization.
Based on these considerations, Unica-0/8 was created, an innovative cold gel with particular technological and physical characteristics. First of all it is able to change consistency if subjected to friction (such as while it flows through the tube of a buttoned needle for imbecco), becoming more fluid and returning solid instantly.
It contains the necessary active colonizing spores, an important aminoprotidic, heat-treated and predigest portion, therefore highly digestible and assimilated. Aloe juice to avoid inflammations that would destabilize the body, prebiotics in optimal proportions, extracts and essential oils, brown algae proteins with broken links, fractions of bovine colostrum and other important components.
It also has the peculiar characteristic of instantaneous cold gelation.

Packaged in 30 g jars, it is prepared by adding water, vegetable milk and mixing to avoid lumps, thus obtaining a gel with which to feed the pullets 3 times a day, from birth to the eighth day.
However, it is possible to administer it for longer.
It does not require additions of any kind, on the contrary it can be used to integrate the wet weaning meal at a rate of 1 gr / 100gr.

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