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Plastic/Metal Rings

Recharge Removable elastic plastic bird rings Rings 4 Wings

Recharge Removable elastic plastic bird rings Rings 4 Wings

Ring4Wings Multicolor Removable Ring Refill in elastic plastic. The rings are available in a series of 8 bright colours: Orange, Light Blue, White, Yellow, Black Red, Green and Purple. Packs with a diameter of 3 mm, ideal for canaries, goldfinches, siskins, small exotics and other species.

This is a new concept of snap rings that can be easily put over a bird's leg, using the specially manufactured EZ ring gun. Thanks to the use of elastic material, the rings feel very comfortable around the paw.

  • It is possible to ring newborn birds when they are only a few days old
  • Its elasticity allows the ring to adapt (limitedly) to the leg during growth.
  • The limited height of the rings allows you to combine different colors of rings, one above the other, significantly expanding your marking possibilities.

Packaging: single box of 50 pieces, diameter 3mm and 4.5mm
€ 6,50
Availability: 12

Available formats

  • 1 Piece Black 3mm
  • 1 piece black 4,5mm
  • 1 Piece Blu Sky 3mm
  • 1 Piece Green 3mm
  • 1 piece green 4,5mm
  • 1 Piece Orange 3mm
  • 1 piece ornage 4,5mm
  • 1 Piece Purple 3mm
  • 1 piece purple 4,5mm
  • 1 Piece Red 3mm
  • 1 piece red 4,5mm
  • 1 piece sky blue 4,5mm
  • 1 Piece White 3mm
  • 1 piece white 4,5mm
  • 1 Piece Yellow 3mm
  • 1 piece yellow 4,5mm
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