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Complete food for "indigenous" species belonging to the order of passerines and mainly to the family of finches, widespread between continental Europe and the various shores of the Mediterranean. Generally, the medium-sized species are considered indigenous to distinguish them from the small-sized ones commonly called Carduelidae, segmentation linked to the size of seeds sought in nature.

Among the most common species the finches are included: the European Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula, lives mainly in parks and gardens, as well as in forests and cultivated land, it feeds mainly of seeds and buds), the common Greenfinch or Verdello (Carduelis Chloris, widespread in Europe and North Africa, it adapts in any habitat even if it prefers areas over one thousand meters), the Fanello (Carduelis Cannabina with its 7 subspecies), the Cruises (Loxia curvirostra, lives mainly in the coniferous woods whose seeds it feeds), the Zigoli (various species of the Emeriza family.

Instructions for a correct use: the great variety of seeds and the peculiar organoleptic characteristics of this mixture allow each species bred in captivity to reproduce the diet that is closest to its natural needs. The daily administration of the food must correspond to the average quantity consumed within 24 hours.

Color note: The Milk Thistle (Sylybum Marianum) and the Wild Thistle (Cynara Cardunculus) as far as they bear different scientific names have been with the new APG classifications included in the same subdivision of the Carduinae. The seeds of these plants in addition to being widespread in human medicine (the Marian among other in the treatment of hepatitis, and the Wild to reduce the production of cholesterol) are a real delicacy for many species of passeracei. The genus Carduelis takes its name from the great greed shown by these animals towards the Cardi.

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