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High Germination seeds Manitoba

High Germination seeds Manitoba

High Germination Manitoba is suitable for medium-small sized subjects such as Canaries, Carduelids, Diamantines, Cocorites, etc. Germination is the process in which the seed awakens from a quiescent state; a fundamental element in this process is the presence of water which, penetrating the dehydrated dormant seed, favors enzymatic reactions which make the reserve substances more assimilable: nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, essential amino acids of which the germinated seed is very rich. These are very appetizing, as well as having a stimulating action on feeding in females. The nutritional transformations that occur during germination, however, do not significantly modify the percentage content of the various nutrients, with the exception of vitamins which in some cases increase significantly, but only the digestibility of these, so in breeding one cannot ignore adequate protein supplementation and energy. The “Dolce Forno” pastons, in addition to guaranteeing the supply of noble proteins (eggs and derivatives), provide highly digestible energy from thermally treated starches, ideal for the still incomplete enzymatic set of little ones.

Composition : Niger, Turnip, Safflower (White Thistle), Katiang Jode, Wheat, White Lettuce, White Sorghum, Hemp, Alfalfa, Bushwort, Quinoa.

Use : The essential steps are represented by a very thorough washing and soaking for 12 hours; it is recommended to repeat the operation after 6 hours. The seed treated in this way is collected in a flat-based strainer (in order to promote oxygenation) and left to germinate in a humid and warm environment for 24 hours. In practice, the seeds are placed above a layer of water without being in contact with it, everything is covered with a cloth in order to create the ideal conditions of humidity and temperature, taking care to rinse the seeds several times during the day .
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