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Alex Bird Selection Seed

Eggfood Deluxe - Herb Bird Mix with probiotics

Eggfood Deluxe - Herb Bird Mix with probiotics

The Deluxe egg food is created from the experience of the Belgian breeder Andries Van De Berg. A well balanced product made up of many different ingredients. Many factors influence the reproductive period and egg production. We therefore give our birds a soft food with the necessary ingredients during the breeding season. It is also important that the protein value does not become too high. People often add extra peas and animal proteins, for example, pinkies to egg food. This is obviously fine if you halve the amount of egg food. A protein value between 14 and 27% is fine.

  • calcium carbonate: it is necessary for the shell of eggs.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is necessary for the absorption of calcium, birds that do not sit outside need this extra vitamin because birds inside cannot use this vitamin on their own.
  • vitamin A: improves embryo survival.
  • vitamin E : improves fertility
  • selenium: to prevent egg-laying problems
  • cellulose: stimulates intestinal development
  • Inulin: obtained from chicory root, it is a soluble dietary fiber that promotes healthy digestion. This fiber has a pleasant, sweet flavor, making it good to eat.
  • Bee pollen : superfood for birds. contains vitamins -ABCDEK. Pollen is rich in minerals: calcium, potassium, sulfur, silica, zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, iodine. increases vitality, promotes fertility, strengthens the immune system, aids digestion and gives birds more energy
  • prebiotics: are soluble dietary fibers of plant origin. (inulin, beta-glucans, fructooligosaccharides, pectin) is a food source for the good bacteria in the intestine, but the fibers also absorb moisture in the intestine and thus prevent diarrhea. This is therefore very important, especially in young birds, to prevent nest mortality. prevents damp nests.

intestinal disorders are the main cause of nest mortality!!! 50% of this is due to infections, but the remaining 50% is due to lack of dietary fiber!!!

  • probiotics: living microorganisms that promote bird health. It inhibits unwanted bacteria such as E.coli, prevents diarrhea caused by rotavirus and salmonella, promotes the immune system and reduces the effects of fungi.
  • Amino acids: These various nutrients are the building blocks for the formation of proteins. The body is unable to produce some of these amino acids on its own, we call them essential amino acids, lysine and methionine in particular are essential. a methionine deficiency causes small litters, a lysine deficiency causes retarded growth of the pups and poor resistance.

Extra Protein: Protein is needed to build the body. Chicken egg protein contains all essential amino acids in sufficient quantities. why add extra protein?

The high percentage of fat in chicken eggs increases the risk of intestinal disorders, the extra protein I added is low in fat and therefore easy to digest. They also provide the complete amino acid profile for perfect youth growth.

Added proteins of plant and animal origin:

  • Rice Powder: It is made up of 80% protein and is easily digestible.
  • hemp powder: 50% protein, defatted and contains all essential amino acids. hemp is incredibly nutritious.
  • pumpkin seed powder: defatted powder composed of 65% protein. rich in fibre, vitamins and trace elements such as selenium.
  • sunflower seed powder: defatted powder with 46% protein. it is rich in methionine, the most important amino acid for egg production.
  • Spelled flour: is made up of 15% protein, contains more fiber and is richer in nutrients than normal wheat.
  • corn flour: composed of 9% proteins, it gives the boy a boost of energy
  • buckwheat flour: contains 13% protein, is composed of various amino acids. It also contains vitamin B and various minerals.
  • pea powder: 50% protein, super healthy protein for birds!!!
  • Chickpeas: contain a lot of protein (21%), fiber and minerals. Thanks to the fibers they stimulate the digestion of young birds. also contains vitamin E
  • Yellow flaxseed protein powder: composed of 33% proteins, source of omega 3, contains several B vitamins, is very rich in minerals and easily digestible dietary fibre.
  • milk thistle seed powder: thistle seeds, food for the goldfinch, for example. contains silymarin which neutralizes toxins. It also has a positive effect on the liver and digestion. especially in case of hepatic steatosis, which often occurs during and after the breeding season due to a diet containing too much egg food. (this is why I always recommend 1 part egg food and 3 parts seeds for germination!!!)
  • Silkworm: Flour obtained from dried silkworm pupae is a high-quality natural food source, rich in high-quality protein (51%). and contains little fat. it also contains good calcium values
  • Ant eggs : contain a high percentage of animal proteins
  • chicken egg: protein value of 13%, contains all essential amino acids
  • brewer's yeast: food source for good bacteria (probiotics). Contains many B vitamins and minerals. Selenium promotes fertility. Vitamin B group improves the survival rate of embryos. Helps bitches in the digestion of young birds. Promotes the growth of young birds. And it favors the moulting period
  • quinoa flour: rich in amino acids, proteins (14%) and vitamins
  • almonds: rich in fibre, proteins (21%), vitamins and minerals
  • lupine flour: lupine flour has a protein content of no less than 43% and contains many easily digestible fibers
  • Sorghum flour: Sorghum flour is not only rich in protein (9%), but also contains many vitamins, minerals and fiber.


  • crude protein: 14.2%
  • crude fat: 14.2%
  • crude fiber: 4.7%
  • raw ash: 2.5%
  • humidity: 9.8%
  • calcium: 1.1 g/kg
  • phosphorus: 2.8 g/kg
  • sodium/sodium: 4.2 g/kg
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