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Cardellini Breeding Program 2022

Cardellini Breeding Program 2022

Suggestions of Dr. Coutteel

For the professional breeding of Goldfinches, a certain amount of support is certainly necessary, not only from an avian veterinarian, but also from your friends. It is a beautiful bird but unfortunately this species - with all its mutations - has developed over the years a greater sensitivity to some diseases (atoxoplasmosis, megbacteria and blackheads), even more so since canaries are used to breed them.

Therefore it is indispensable

  • make a good preparation for the breeding season

  • offer the right food at the right time

  • have knowledge of bird mating and aviary care

  • use the necessary vitamins and supplements

  • do some preventive treatment during breeding

  • respect the three periods of the year (preparation, breeding, rest and moulting).

Let's focus on the preparation period first

  • In November and January we recommend checking for coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis with:

    • Pantacox for 2 consecutive days, followed by

    • ESB Plus for 5 days

  • In February it is possible to carry out preventive treatment against respiratory and intestinal problems; this period of time does not interfere with fertilization: use T-Plus in combination with Ronella for 8 days.

  • Then it's time to start with our drinking water supplements for optimal breeding conditions (every weekend)

    • VIGO-CARNITINE on Fridays: the strengthening of the physical condition, the limitation of the accumulation of fat, increases the probability of fertilization;

    • HEPATO-CHOL on Saturdays: contributes to the functionality of the liver, to the elimination of waste, for example dyes, contains amino acids and herbs;

    • VITAMIN KADRIE on Sundays: necessary for good fertilization, it partially replaces natural sunlight.

During playback

  • Disease control is achieved by adding the GROG New food supplement to the mash. In this way it offers treatment and prevention against coccidiosis, atoxoplasmosis, some bacterial diarrhea and support the bird's immune system for blackhead and megbacteria. Start giving Grog New a couple of days before the first young are born and continue until weaning.

  • Only in case of nest mortality and diarrhea use Starter-mix in drinking water, selectively to those couples during the first week of the young.

  • Possible supplements in the soft food to stimulate growth and to provide essential nutrients:

    • AMINO-FORT source of essential amino acids (proteins), to stimulate the growth of young birds (plumage and muscles);

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