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Dr. Coutteel's breeding birds programs for TOP results!

Dr. Coutteel's breeding birds programs for TOP results!

Preparation - Coupling - Wetsuit and Rest

Dr Peter Coutteel graduated from Ghent State University in 1983. Peter's fascination with animals and especially birds was evident in his childhood. From the very beginning of his veterinary profession, Peter has focused on the bird field. Thanks to his participation in congresses around the world, his knowledge was not limited only to the most common species. Thanks to his participation in congresses all over the world, he has acquired enormous experience which has led to several scientific publications.

During the 15 years of activity he has been dealing exclusively with birds of all kinds in the TRIGENIO veterinary center in Nijlen, Belgium. With his lessons, he tries to help bird lovers and owners to ensure an optimal activity for their hobby. One of its main objectives is to give the breeder the right guidance and to emphasize the interest of a positive collaboration between the breeder and the veterinarian.

The breeder is always required to best simulate the habitat of his bird. This applies to both food and housing ... and this applies to all aspects of it. Below are 3 programs: "Preparation for the breeding season", "Mating period" and "Moulting and resting period" which, thanks to the combined use of its products, have for years enhanced the well-being of birds and great results.

The best European breeders such as Eddie Rimaux, Mario Vetere, Alex Valentini, etc. successfully use Dr. Coutteel's products and programs.

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