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The Fruit Cocktail is a food produced by the specialized company Manitoba , formulated for parrots of the Ara genus and for the large species of the Cockatoo family.

Composition: carrot, Kenya sunflower, banana, peanuts, pet and flaked corn, grapes, stone pine nuts, carob, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, extruded corn and carrots, extruded corn and vegetables, papaya, pineapple, apple, chilli, flaked pea, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, dog rose berry, macadamia nuts, candied fruit (orange, kiwi, lemon, cherry).

Instructions for a correct use: The great variety and the peculiar organoleptic characteristics of this mixture allow each species bred in captivity to reproduce the diet most akin to their natural needs.
The daily administration of the food must correspond to the average quantity consumed in the 24 hours, taking care to provide for cleaning and washing the manger before each administration. This sanitary practice must also be extended to the drinking trough, guaranteeing fresh and clean water always available.

Curiosity: Macaws are very sensitive birds; they need to live with others of their own kind, but if they are raised alone it is essential that they are with people who understand them, otherwise they go towards a miserable life, in addition to developing bad habits such as plucking and shouting excessively.

Parrots are distributed throughout the southern hemisphere of the planet, where very different habitats coexist. From the humid tropical forests of South America, to the Australian deserts, from the jungles of Southeast Asia to the great African expanses.

The parrots of the genus Ara (Psittacidae) are native to Central-South America and the Caribbean islands, have long tails, long and narrow wings and brightly colored plumage. The cockatoos have a smaller range than that of the Psittacidae, being found in nature only in Australia and in the neighboring islands.

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